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LED Phase Dimmer Applications

In this section, we selected several cases to demonstrate how our phase dimmers (DZ3G450DIAL and DZ4G450MULT) are used in different applications so that customers may find it easier to understand our product applications. Interested prospects are welcome to contact us for inquiries.

Public Hospital Wards

With our Gen 2 LED dimmers, our products have served in public hospital wards since 2016. It’s our pleasure to assist patients with a comfy resting environment and assist the nursing professionals with simple and reliable solutions. Contractors can find our Gen 2 / Gen 3 LED dimmer, 1-10V control modules in the Kowloon East Cluster (Haven of Hope Hospital, Tseung Kwan O Hospital, United Christian Hospital), and the Kowloon Central Cluster (Kowloon Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital), etc.

Over the years, we developed our relationship, understood more how the Electrical industry work, and collected their feedback for new development. The hands-on experience helped us build our various product demo kits and further assisted our Dynamic Lighting solutions presentations and communications to the EMSD colleagues and other Electrical Contractors, and opened the door for a new set of lighting applications. It has been a while to introduce interesting new lighting control to the market, so it’s always fun and exciting to communicate our latest Dynamic Lighting solutions in the public facility domains for a wider group of audiences to enjoy lighting fun!

Residences and Offices

Our rotary dimmers are typical in residences and office environments to provide users a decent dimming experience with different types of lighting fixtures, from dimmable lamps, downlights, and LED strip-based fixtures. As our Gen 2 LED dimmers had the Minimum Brightness Memory button on the side of the module unit, this requires the Electricians to open the faceplate to set the minimum brightness level, which may not be the most convenient solution. Therefore, in the Gen 3 rotary LED dimmers, we relocated the button under the rotary knob so that end-users can set and reset the minimum brightness level memory without opening the faceplate. This practical feedback is an example of converting market feedback into product improvement in future generation products.

In the early days when we only offered modular products, some Designers and End-Customers found our modules challenging to use because they wanted wall-mounted dimmer switches, not modules. The white plastic faceplates do not match their interior designs. So, the wall mounting faceplates narrowed our product applications to a limited audience group in many ways. Since we came up with our solid aluminum alloy faceplates for our modules, we addressed this product outlook limitation. This goal remains our new product development objective for continuous improvement. We now have three types of LED dimming offers: LED Dimmer Modules, LED Dimmer Switches, and LED Dimming Controllers supported with our solid aluminum alloy faceplates options for residences and offices. Prospects can learn more about these new offers in the following sections, which we have already installed for different applications, including LED dimming and Dynamic Lighting control.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage is another common application for our dimmer modules. Standard LED dimmable lamps, downlights, and track lights are common in these applications. As a SORAA® compatible phase dimmer and SORAA® is common in F&B and even residential applications, this presented our DZ3G450DIAL and other offers into more opportunities around these applications.

F&B is also where we started to see warm dimming applications. Providing a different color tone for mood-setting in restaurants can be a great value-add feature. Moreover,  some restaurant management also explained to us that the untrained staff needs to do it themselves because many F&B applications have limitations in staffing. While warm dimming is an easy solution, it’s not difficult to see the limitation of warm dimming as the color temperature only changes along the dimming curve. The warm tone is triggered only with a much lower intensity; it’s limited in practice if the brightness intensity is much reduced even for mood-setting.

But we know the value of color temperature adjustment and circadian lighting. Can we develop something in between that delivers the benefits of circadian lighting yet untrained staff can use or make the interface so intuitive that people can adjust no more complicated than rotating the dimmer knobs?

Now that we’ve developed our dynamic lighting portfolio, we can provide the options to interested prospects: whether they want to choose something simple to use, but with this this this drawback or they want something more interesting, but little more involving.

Offices and Showrooms

The DZ1G450CAPS and subsequent DZ4G450MULT units fulfill the user and designers' demand for a flat surface for the LED dimmer switch. While the DZ4G450MULT LED dimmers have the additional two-way dimming control feature, and we had a high expectation as we fulfilled some of the customers' voices, we've learned the value of keeping things simple. It's good that some customers indeed appreciate the value of the two-way control feature, which is one of the critical purposes of the device.

Funny that in this case, the lighting supplier didn't provide the dimmable drivers to the Jewelry company. So, we also needed to work out the LED drivers for the customer. Interestingly, the jewelry customer also shared his feedback on using (too many) smart bulbs in his office showroom and the other lighting equipment for his jewelry display boxes. This experience serves as our perfect exercise to learn the issues from their existing solutions and contrast our solutions in the light of assisting professional jewelers.

In our latter development, the DZ2G300TUNE controller provides equivalent and more features than the DZ4G450MULT dimmer switches for another LED dimming approach.