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Gen 5 LED Dimming Core (Trailing-edge Output)

In contrast with an Incandescent dimmer (some people call TRIAC dimmer) with a leading-edge phase-out output, a digital trailing-edge digital dimmer possesses control features and dedicates to the shallow operating current working environment of LED lighting. Since the DZ2G450DIAL and DZ3G450DIAL (released in 2017), the 450W / 220vac – 240Vac rotary dimmer module have powered Public Hospital Wards, F&B, Retail, Office, and Residential dimming applications. Customers may refer to our application page to understand more ideas from actual installations.

In early 2021, the firmware of DZ3G450DIAL was upgraded to our Gen 5 dimming core to better address inrush current at cold startup (a common question about the number of LED lights to be connected per dimmer) and lighting fixtures compatibility. Please refer to our support section for other practical considerations regarding the product applications. 

Product Features

Since the 450W LED dimmer module doesn't require the Neutral wire connection, the Live In - Live Out wiring (or in series with a regular SPST or SPDT light switch)  is straightforward for wiring and feasible in retrofit. In other words, do not connect the dimmer unit between Live and Neutral wires, which burns the dimmer unit immediately!

Furthermore, the LED dimmer module has a minimum brightness memory for dimming range optimization should the LED fixtures or drivers not support a similar level of dimming performance. Sometimes, customers would like to switch off the blue backlight of the DZ3G450DIAL. They may do so by holding the Minimum Brightness Memory button for 5 seconds while the dimmer is in regular operation; similarly, they can switch on the backlight again by reversing the process. 

DZ3G450DIAL is CE Certified and complies with IEC / EN60669-2-1 (LVD), IEC / EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 (EMC). See DZ3G450DIAL product specification for details.

Selecting Dimmable Lights

Customers should note that leading and trailing-edge phase-cut methodologies are mutually exclusive with phase dimming. Since not all dimmable drivers necessarily support both types of dimming. A typical conflict is wrongly using a trailing-edge LED dimmer with a leading-edge-only LED dimmable lamp or driver. Therefore, customers should thoroughly test the product compatibility between dimmers and dimmable LED light sources.

SORAA® Dimming Solution

Although we didn't design our dimmers for specific lighting fixture manufacturers, we're pleased our DZ3G450DIAL was listed as a compatible phase dimmer by SORAA® in late 2017

All SORAA® LED lamps are dimmable. So customers who already use SORAA® lights can use our DZ3G450DIAL directly or other dimming solutions to value-add their existing SORAA® lighting. Customers who have experience with dimming SORAA® MR16 bulbs should understand the importance of dimmers and 12Vac electronic transformers. Since the overall dimming effect is often directly related to the components used, we have also spent some time testing the dimming effects of different electronic transformers with our dimmers and SORAA® bulbs. 

Here we'd like to mention the SORAA® optima™ 12Vac electronic transformer. We've also tested the transformer with our dimming solutions, resulting in decent dimming performance. Therefore, if the prices and size are acceptable, we recommend that customers purchase the two together even if no dimming is required. If the application requires a dimming function, we recommend buying our dimming solution to save the required testing time and resources.

Interested prospects can refer to our section for actual SORAA® dimming performance. Or they can visit our Video section to understand different types of dimming solutions.