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Professional LED Light Sources

SORAA® is a world-class LED lighting supplier in the professional lighting domain. SORAA® is known for providing excellent lighting quality in standard LED lamp bases, such as MR16 / GU5.3 and GU10. Its SNAP system allows easy changes in beam angles, color temperature values, beam shapes, etc., making them suitable for a wide range of premium applications. Although the unit price for a GU10 light bulb is higher than an MR16 bulb, GU10 bulbs can be a recommended selection from the maintenance point of view.

SORAA® Dimming Solutions

Although we didn’t develop our dimmers per specific LED lamp manufacturers, for customers interested in high-quality lighting effects, we suggest customers look for SORAA® LED lamps. All SORAA® lamps are dimmable and experienced users with LED MR16 lamps would realize the importance of LED dimmers and the 12Vac electronic transformers to the resultant dimming performance of the LED lights. If the size is permitted, we recommend customers start looking into the SORAA® brand 12Vac electronic transformers with their projects. As an officially listed SORAA® Compatible Dimmer (see page 5 on 2017 Compatible Dimmer List), customers can consider our DZ3G450DIAL, DZ4G450MULT, Solid Aluminum Alloy Faceplate LED Dimmer Switch and DZ2G300TUNE solution to implement different SORAA® dimming solutions with its MR16 and GU10 lamps.

SORAA® optima™ 12Vac Electronic Transformer

Customers who have experience with dimming SORAA® LED MR16 bulbs should understand the importance of dimmers and 12Vac electronic transformers. Since the overall dimming effect is often directly related to the components used, we have also spent some time testing the dimming effects of different electronic transformers with our dimmers and SORAA® bulbs. Interested customers can refer to our product videos for various discussions.

Here we'd like to mention the SORAA® optima 12Vac electronic transformer. We've also tested the transformer with our dimming solutions, resulting in decent dimming performance. Therefore, if the prices and size are acceptable, we recommend that customers purchase the two together even if no dimming is required. If the application requires a dimming function, we recommend buying our dimming solution to save the required testing time and resources.

Demo Video

In below video, we showed the dimming performance with our dimmer on SORAA® LED MR16 bulb. Besides this video, interested prospects can browse our video section for more SORAA® dimming related discussion.